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Such is Google dominance in the search market we are very familiar with using it as a verb- to ‘Google something’ two words shorter than saying ‘search on the net’.

Before Google however we used Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos.

We get confused between search engines and browsers too, Google entwined the two and also took a massive share of the software cake too. Microsoft isn’t good at knowing or caring what people want. It focuses on what made it a giant – the corporate business. Something Google is managing to get some of through it’s cloud based infrastructure. So Google came in with Chrome and innovated where internet explorer just continued to annoy.

What is Netscape,, Dogpile, Ask Jeeves..

We get the point

Is Google going to dominate the market?

Can you classify ChatGPT as a search engine? The important thing is be the tool people reach for to get information online. Bing with it’s AI tool got a rare head start on Google with it’s Bard. And ChatGPT has revolutionised content creation to the point where many writers must be somewhat worried. Sidenote- I had an online content battle with someone who refused to acknowledge that AI could create. We need to accept it can. Music Graphics, weird graphics!

So are things yet to shake up again. 

Google has been carving up it’s top 10 real estate so that even occupying spot #1 leaves you down the page. Advertisers rule, money rules hey Abba. Makes the world go round. But Google is triallng SGE Search Generative Experience firstly through it’s labs and it seems a lot like the Bing AI search experience.

Did you know that Google tried to index every book ever written?

They did.

They fought the law and the law won. Thanks to a few god men and women.

It occurred to me that they are getting companies writers and SEO professionals to create the worlds content! They can through showing them the gaps where content is missing but people search. Low hanging fruit SEO pros call it. Create an article that has good volume but which lacks decent solutions.

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It struck me that this was like their attempt to digitise the worlds books. Making libraries and books obsolete in a sense. When Google shows the answer to a search which is text from a website to a person and the person doesn’t need to visit the website even, it seems the same. SGE, Bing AI and ChatGPT and others can interrogate the internet your website , mine his and hers.
But can we assume that Google WILL be the dominant force in a decade. No. I don’t believe it is sure at all. Having seen big fish flop (Myspace, Yahoo etc.) and feeling the same way when I first used ChatGPT made me feel like the first time I used Google. We would flip showing little loyalty.

So what, my SEO peers- and you others, do you think? Search has to evolve and AI is here to stay.

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