The Content Creation Loop

Briefly here is how you can evolve your SEO content through a SOP Standard Operating Procedure with a client. This is a cycle to follow indefinitely and ensures that your content stays fresh and to a high standard.

We will assume there is a content ‘piece’
Also, we aim to have rich content- videos graphics etc maybe also interactive elements which are engaging for the user.

The loop is a continuous cycle with the following stages:

  1. Review Piece
    In the initial stage, thoroughly review the existing content. Understand its current performance in search rankings and user engagement.
    You may be looking to optimise for a specific keyword. Or you may have such a piece that is too far away to evolve and a faster route is to scrap it! This is by far the most complex step and will require a deep understanding of SEO and AI.
    Identify specific goals for your content. Are you aiming for higher visibility, improved user engagement, or conversions? Based on these goals, suggest changes that can help you reach them.
  1. Suggest Changes to Achieve Specific Goals
    As an agency, we don’t own the content and we won’t be the only interested party. Often there are trade-offs with other stakeholders. So the changes need this stage of approval.
  1. Create Changes
    Once the changes are agreed then make them!
    Implement the changes you’ve suggested. This could involve optimizing keywords, improving readability, adding multimedia elements, or any other content enhancements.
  1. Measure the Effect of Changes
    After implementing the changes, closely monitor the impact on your content’s performance. Use tools like Google Analytics or SEO software to track changes in search ranking, organic traffic, and user interaction. How quickly changes will happen and to what degree is difficult to say but it doesn’t now take much longer to see initial change. You would see some movement within 10 days- often less. Note this is different to waiting for Google core updates which happen less often which the changes in the loop will be designed to combat.

Remember, the key to success in iterative development is continuous monitoring and adjustment. Your ‘content’ should emphasize the importance of this ongoing process in achieving and maintaining high search rankings. SEO shouldn’t be thought of as a one-shot job. We are way beyond the simple 3 kings of domain, title and headings. Or simply sprinkling the keyword in the content. By all means, if you are doing a DIY SEO then go for it. Those elements DO need to be right. This iterative development cycle is to combat harder to rank for topics with serious competition.

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