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What platforms have I worked with?

Having worked for TAG worldwide as a Digital Producer (H&M) I am qualified to help you. When you create banner advertisements for agencies there are platforms that simplify the process of publishing and quality control. They allow you to build them more rapidly and enable better distribution. If you are planning media for multi region you would have hundreds of banners per month to produce. Slight language and cultural changes mean a variation in the banner would be needed and then different formats depending on the device and platform. With Facebook there are many kinds and sizes you can create and then YouTube pre rolls- the list goes on. It quickly scales and you need a platform. Tango Zebra Flash Talking and EyeBlaster were some of the ones I used. I have also used the Google platform.

Why the platforms are great

You could build a banner entirely using HTML CSS and JavaScript all of your own making. However often it would be reinventing the wheel. So these banner platforms come with libraries and modules to help you scaffold and start your banner project. You can select the kind of Ad you will be building say a banner the expands into a HERO size. You create the assets to work with the code in a very intuitive way. Also the platforms allow for Quality Control and Testing. A central way to publish to Editors and then a way to serve them straight to the publishers.
You are still free to use libraries such as Green Sock to help you further simplify tasks such as tweening elements.

What makes me a good candidate for banner creation and production

There are two technologies that you can use to create ads with and I have created ads with both. HTML JS and CSS allows you to move graphics and create animation the advantage being that it runs in modern browsers without needing extra technology to be used such as the flash plugin.
Once upon a time everyone was downloading flash as it gave the Internet user what they wanted video animations and games. So it’s ubiquity was why we all used flash to create banner ads. That day has long gone since Apple decided to not allow the plugin on it’s phones. This pretty much caused flash to reduce it’s usefulness as now we had to build ads in HTML and Flash.

I also use complementary Applications such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects to create assets to use in the Ads.

I have worked as a banner designer, creator and producer over the years for many big brands such as H&M Mazda BP and M&S to name just a few. I still love pushing things around on the screen and working with nice visuals with a keen eye for detail.

Some samples of work here –

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