Welcome to my personal website/blog that I am working on in between serving my happy clients. This is a work in progress not at all production ready! Please reserve judgment..


I can get you a website built that works, appears in search engines and generates more business. Or I can help you with any part of your web journey if you have started yourself or have been left with website problems. You most likely aren’t making the website work hard for you- most don’t. You may think you know how the web works but in 2024 do you really?

Cambs Digital Design Agency

Cambs Digital Logo

Cambs Digital is the digital agency brand I created for businesses seeking digital advice and services.
Need help with an existing website or need a new one? Web Design and Development is my specialty along with SEO website marketing aka Digital Marketing. You heard it here first a website is like an iceberg. Everything underneath is what you need to be most concerned about. Without it there is no traffic no customer no business. Of course the top of the iceberg is important.

Websites for Startups

I am particularly good for startup web design. Having launched many businesses and projects myself often bootstrapping using the power of the internet. I can help you too.

AI ChatGPT Store GPT Domain Verification

I can help you create and verify your own GPT and get setup on the chatGPT store.
GPT setup and training service. Ask me about my consultation services where you can create your own AI assistant and get it trained on your own data. AI Content creation through Python autoblogger.

Antigua A Caribbean Paradise

Antigua located in the Caribbean holds a peculiar fascination for me ever since I discovered it around 2006. As with many things I like I end up creating a blog about it or subjects like Antigua Transfers.

Valley Church Beach Antigua
A typical Antigua Beach

I have blogged a lot about the island and now am a respected influencer for Antigua Travel mostly through My Antigua Best Beaches post.


I spent around a year of my life on this crazy beautiful island called Roatan. Even today people don’t hear about it. It’s kind of lost to mainstream travel though cruise ships do visit now. Whilst there I carried on my Scuba Diving education to the Divemaster level. It’s one of the best places in the world to experience diving at any level. I can recommend it, but be prepared for 2 days of travel to get there from the UK.

Roatan Divemaster
Roatan Divemaster