Welcome to a webpage that is really not used all that much other than my own experiments or to get some unique SEO gains. Where can you go from here? I would suggest taking a look at some of the other blog posts or clicking through some more links such as the ones in the following paragraphs that actually tell you a lot especially if you click through.

Cambs Digital Design Agency

Cambs Digital Logo

Cambs Digital is the main place many people go when they are looking for help with an existing website or need a new one! Web Design and Development is my specialty along with website marketing aka Digital Marketing. Oh I almost forgot they are also a great SEO agency.

Antigua A Caribbean Paradise

Antigua located in the Caribbean holds a peculiar fascination for me ever since I discovered it around 2006 roughly. As with many things I like I end up creating a blog about it or subjects like Antigua Transfers.

Valley Church Beach Antigua
A typical Antigua Beach

I have blogged a lot about the island and now am a respected influencer for Antigua Travel mostly through My Antigua Best Beaches post.

Airpod Clones

I began in 2018 reviewing all the best airpod clones and guest posted on Style Review about them and across in YouTube as well. At the time Apple Airpods were at version 2. The longer stem ones. Now there is the Airpod Pro with amazing Active Noise Cancellation.


I spent around a year of my life on this crazy beautiful island called Roatan. Even today people don’t hear about it. It’s kind of lost to mainstream travel though cruise ships do visit now. Whilst there I carried on my scuba diving education. It’s one of the best places in the world to experience diving at any level. I can recommend it.

Roatan Divemaster
Roatan Divemaster